Seeking Arrangement Reviews

Seeking ArrangementPeople often want relationships on their terms and it is kind of difficult to find someone who understands your terms. This problem is solved by The website helps you to upgrade your relationship and find people who are compatible with you. is especially for beautiful and successful people who want to be a sugar daddy or sugar mommy.This website helps you find a mutually beneficial relationship. If you are looking for a new way for a relationship to form and grow, then being a sugar daddy or sugar momma is the new trend.

The main motto of this website is to make a balanced relationship and SeekingArrangement is a place which makes this possible.

How does it work?

Seeking Arrangement is one of the best performing sugar daddy websites. The website works for mutually beneficial relationships. It makes the desired relationship between sugar babies and sugar daddies or mommas.

  • For getting started with the website, the first step which you have to do is getting a membership. Once you join the website you can meet millions of people who are interested in having a mutually beneficial relationship. The registration process is very simple and user-friendly.
  • Initially, you can begin with a free account. When you get a hold of the website then you can change your account to a premium account by paying some extra charges.
  • The next step which you have to approach is adding a photo and defining the terms. The member can explain the arrangements which they are expecting. An arrangement is being direct with the person without wasting time with them. It allows people to be open to each other and keeps things clear between them.
  • After defining the terms the average time which the site takes to find a match is around 5 days. Within 5 days the ideal arrangement can be found for the member. The website will provide with various options. The member can filter out the matches based on the filter choices provided and can go with their ideal matches.
  • People who have a premium account can only message or begin a chat with the other member. Those without a premium account cannot go for that feature.

Features of SeekingArrangement

SeekingArrangement is now changed to But the user-interface remains the same. Both the app and the websites are very easy to use and are almost similar. There are various navigation options provided which will guide you through the website or the app.

There are options available for Premium membership as well. This increases the chance of better options. Also, it improves the safety of the profile.

SeekingArrangement has a benefit of options. For each sugar daddy, there is an option of a minimum of four sugar babies. You can match your compatibility and decide on your own which profile suits your arrangements and terms.


  1. The ratio of women to men is more. Hence this gives more options to sugar daddies.
  2. The interface of the website is very easy to handle. So you don’t have to struggle!!
  3. The sign-up procedure is very easy. It does not take must time to create a profile.


  1. All the features are mostly for paid users. If you a premium membership then the chances of finding an ideal match is higher than those who do not have a premium account.
  2. The membership of this website is highly expensive. So anyone will think before proceeding with it.
  3. The verification process is a bit tedious. Hence sometimes it takes a little more time than the usual.

Final Verdict

The relationship on these sugar daddy websites is based on mutual benefits. The first thing which is mentioned in the profile is the income and for sugar baby profile’s the first thing which is mentioned is the level of monthly income they are expecting. Hence this entire relationship is based upon the financial algorithms.

But in today’s era, this website works like any other dating website. A lot of people are looking for just casual relationships. This website helps them to find someone who shares the same thoughts. This site is also available for heterosexual men. Overall, the site deserves a thumbs up with its simple and easy interface.