Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby dating FAQ's

I am new in Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy dating, is this website/application for me?

Yes, this platform is for every Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babies who are seeking love online.

How to be a part of Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby dating?

You just need to make account giving basic information and click on Sign Up. Your account will be created immediately.

What information do I need to create an account?

Profile creation will require the following info –

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Seeking for
  • Age gap

I am a standard member; can I opt for paid membership?

You can anytime upgrade your account with paid membership plans as per your suitability. Along with this, there is a freedom of discontinuing of the same too.

How to process for paid membership for Sugar dating?

You need to confirm the membership and select, followed by paying the fee. There are various payment modes like debit card, credit card, net banking etc. that you can use for the payment. Within no time, your account will be upgraded.

How can I publish a picture for my Sugar dating profile?

Once you have created the profile, look for Upload photo option, select the photo you like and submit.

I am not interested further in Sugar Dating, how can I delete my account?

You can reach out to your profile and then select delete account. Your account will be deleted after a stipulated period of time.

I want to reactivate my Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby profile, tell me the solution?

To reactivate the account, you can log in with the email address/username and password. Now in the settings tab, click on reactivate button and follow the confirmation steps. It might take some time, but your account will surely get reactivated.

What is the difference between standard and paid membership in Sugar dating?

A standard member will be allowed to create a profile, upload photos, send messages etc. While on the other hand, paid membership will help the Sugar babies in getting identified easily and will be updated with notifications. Plus this option will allow communicating with the Sugar Daddies easily.

I want to cancel my paid membership, how will I get a refund?

You are allowed to cancel the membership plan anytime. For further information of refund, you are suggested to connect with the customer care team.

I am unable to enlist my photo even after going through the given steps, what should I do?

  • Make sure the photo you are uploading is JPG, PNG or as per the given formats.
  • Photos that are illegal, nude, racist will not be allowed for approval.
  • Photos need to be clear and should not violate the terms and conditions.

What does the premium membership cost?

For this, you can select the option of premium membership and choose the plans as per your wish. The pricing details are shared under the panel.

Can I change my name, email address or other details in the future?

Yes, you can update the information any time you need. Reach out to Settings under the profile option and make the changes.

I have forgotten my password, how can I retain the same?

At the time of login, enter your email address and then click on the forgot password link. You will get the password reset process directly into your email inbox.

I am unable to find Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babies despite so many efforts, what is the problem?

You can enhance your chances of attracting the Sugar Daddy with simple tricks. First create the profile with exclusive bio, introduction and a charming photograph. Try not being very specific with your needs; instead, try giving a more comprehensive approach.

Can I block Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby whenever I want?

Yes, you can block the person, by choosing their profile, and then click on block.

Is there any limit of uploading photos in my Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby profile?

There is no such limit of uploading the photos in your respective account.

Can I private my photos or hide them?

You need to keep the main photo for as your profile picture. Along with this, you are allowed to hide any of your pictures, or complete album with a password or choosing the private option.

My Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby has not been approved; why?

There are certain grounds which are responsible for the profile approval like – email address, contact, photo, language, comments, obscenity or disguised and other offences.

My profile has been vanished all of a sudden, what is the reason?

Your account might have been deleted for not following the security guidelines, or terms and conditions. For this, you are suggested to connect the customer care service.

Is my Sugar dating information safe?

We are using tech-driven safety solutions which ensures all your data including, photos, bank information etc. are entirely safe.